Innovations in reproductive medicine 2030: Technologies in IVF (RM2030)

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Innovations in reproductive medicine 2030: Technologies in IVF (RM2030)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Progress in medicine depends on new technologies and countercurrent concepts that translate to practice to solve long-standing problems for the benefit of the patients. Infertility remains an unremitting reproductive issue, the success of reproductive medicine has not changed much in recent decades and the treatments are costly. Have we achieved the best possible success rates, or new thinking is needed more than ever to overcome this problem?

The guiding principle of the Congress of: Innovations in reproductive medicine 2030 (RM2030) Series is to encourage communication and discussion of ideas at the forefront in bench-to-bedside application to improve results and patient care access in our field by bringing together the most outstanding clinicians, scientists, translators and visionaries in the field organizing ample time for discussion with carefully selected discussion leaders.

We believe that your participation at the RM2030 Congress will greatly contribute to the academic

success of this scientific event.


Carlos Simon, Zeev Shoham, Linda Giudice, Bart Fauser, and Milton Leong

Congresos - Formación Presencial y on-line
Lugar: París, Francia.
Fecha: 16 al 18 de noviembre.
Telf: +49-15202950431
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Destinado a: Profesionales de la reproducción asistida

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